How It works

Step One

Cloud Accounts

Follow the easy steps that Save On Clouds provides to connect to your cloud account or subscription. For AWS users, we provide a tailored CloudFormation script.

When you need help, just click on button!

Step Two

Cloud Resources

Once you connect to your account, all the cloud resources that can bring you savings will be fetched and displayed in the Cloud Resources page. You can see STOP or START the resources manually, set schedules, and watch the usage patterns in this page. Once a resource is stopped or started, you will get a feedback from your cloud account.

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Step Three


Tell Save On Clouds when a resource or a group of resources must be ON and when they must be Off.
If you need to occasionally use a scheduled resource when it is Switched Off, you can override the schedules for a given length of time.

Step Four


Group your virtual machines and databases together, and switch them on and off with designated schedules.

Your teams can turn their own environment(s) on and off based on their desired schedules.


Unlimited cloud accounts

Add as many AWS, Azure or Google Cloud accounts as you wish.


Your Schedule

Switch your resources individually or collectively based on a schedule.


Unlimited users and groups

Invite your colleagues to help you with managing your resources. There is no limit!



You can manage your resources via our Restful APIs. The perfect solution for automation!



Receive notifications via email, Microsoft Teams, Slack, PagerDuty etc when resource statuses change.


AI-driven recommendations

AIPO stands for AI-Powered Optimization. It analyzes your resource utilization and optimizes your utilization windows.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Cloud Resource?

A Cloud Resource is a virtual machine such as AWS EC2, or a database such as Google Cloud SQL.

What is an Environment?

An Environment is a collection of resources. For example, your "Shared Services" environment may include virtual machines and databases that are used by your CI/CD system.

What is a Schedule?

A schedule is the set of parameters you set to determine when an individual resource or an environment (a collection of resources) must be turned on or off.

What is AIPO?

AI-Powered Optimizer is our artificial intelligence robot. It analyzes your usage data and comes up with optimized schedules that can maximize your savings.

Save On Clouds vs. Competitors

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Check Multi Tenancy Check
Check AI Optimization Check
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